The company's website for renting cars usually contains photographs of the models and brands provided, a description of the characteristics. Here only to check up serviceability of the car and urgency of photos on a site it will not be possible. They can be old, and the car is under repair.

On this account tenant can recommend the following actions:

  • after viewing the site make a call to the company, state the wishes, determine - whether that option you need or there is more suitable;
  • when the car is served, it must be inspected carefully in order to find pre-existing damages, present them to a specialist of the company so that there are no complaints about the delivery of the transport;
  • in the matter of renting a car the main thing is its reliability, pay special attention to this;
  • the cost of renting an elite and budget car is radically, as a rule, do not differ, so it is better to enjoy the trip in that it is richer and more comfortable;
  • before signing the contract, you should ask the manager to drive a couple of kilometers to find out the status of the main systems and engine.